Doma Coffee Roasting Company was founded in 2000 located in Northern Idaho. They began with the goal of creating an environmentally sound company that roasts great coffee. Currently at DOMA all lighting is ultra-high-efficiency, print material is on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks and cleaning products are 100% toxin free. They continue to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose in more efficient and effective ways. 


nougat, molasses, honey

This medium to full-bodied blend is perfect as an espresso and exceptional for a cappuccino or a latte. This blend will have aromas of nougat and chocolate, flavors of molasses and brow sugar, honey aftertastes, a mild acidity, a thick body and a rounded sweetness. This blend represents our on-going quest to build a great espresso.


chocolate, toasted almond, caramel 

This Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee is a blend of fully-washed coffee from Peru. For Bella Luna we wanted to offer a dark roasted decaf for those folks who want a bold cup of coffee in the evening without the caffeine kick. We'd recommend that you prepare Bella Luna as drip or in a french press. 

Bella Luna will have aromas of dark chocolate and dried fruit, flavors of toasted almond and pear, aftertastes of caramel and dark chocolate, a muted acidity, a bold body and a mild sweetness.



Co-Founders, Grant & Kyle at Kamiak Coffee Company are two young entrepreneurs that have made their dreams a reality. Kamiak Coffee was built on the simple idea that coffee could and should be better from seed to cup. They believe that coffee growers in underdeveloped countries deserve closer relations with roasters; quality coffee needs to be roasted to perfection; and finally the coffee you consumer must be fresh, specialty-grade, and incredible.

“With prior experience in the industry, we knew we had to get our hands on the most premium roasting equipment and green coffee the world has to offer. First, that meant purchasing a hand-built, made in the USA, Diedrich Coffee Roaster. Next, we embarked on building global relations in order to import the world's highest grade, specialty coffee from 3 different continentsNeedless to say - we were turning our dream into a crazy reality. Thankfully, that included excellent coffee to fuel our ambitions.” Grant and Kyle / Co-founders at Kamiak Coffee Company